At FRA, we believe what happens outside the classroom is almost as important as what happens in it, and athletics is an important aspect of a complete and rich educational experience. Students are encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities, and almost 80 percent of students in grades 5-12 choose to participate in at least one sport per year with more than 55 percent participating on multiple sports teams.

The Crockett/Tansil Fitness Center is used by all students grades 5-12 during physical education classes, regardless if they are participating on one of FRA’s many sports teams or not. Our goal at FRA is that all of our students develop a lifelong love of physical fitness that will carry with them throughout their lives.

FRA’s athletic center opened during the summer of 2020. The new 11,000 square foot facility houses the state-of-the-art 3,500 square foot Crockett & Tansil Fitness Center, coaches’ offices, four new team locker rooms, a training room, and athletic storage. The athletic center also features a digitized “Hall of Fame” that celebrates athletic accomplishments of our students from the beginning of the school’s founding in 1971 to the present, and there are four windows overlooking the performance gymnasium from this space. The building connects to the athletic fields on “The Hill” and features spectacular panoramic views from both locations.




"Any time that you're in a space where you're physically getting stronger, that really makes you feel stronger emotionally and mentally...I think that this center promotes getting better."

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