A strong endowment is the “story behind the story” at the most successful independent schools, universities, and cultural institutions across the country.

FRA’s ability to provide students with the finest college preparatory experience possible rests on the strength of our faculty, and a strong endowment is necessary for recruiting and retaining the most qualified faculty.

In addition, growing FRA’s endowment to support student financial aid is a strategic priority of significant importance. FRA students are outstanding in every respect, and we are committed to continually strengthening and diversifying our student body through the responsible distribution of financial aid. Lastly, a strong endowment helps control tuition increases for our current families, and it also ensures that we are able to take care of our campus facilities.

During this capital campaign, FRA’s endowment has doubled in size as a result of several financial disciplines put into place by FRA’s Board of Trustees and through several generous campaign gifts restricted toward endowment. These restricted gifts were given to support student financial aid, to establish three new named endowment funds in support of faculty professional development, and to provide financial support for students during Interim week.